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July Quarter Final Summary

Write up’s for July 2016 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Players were keen to do well in this last Bristol Quarter final for the year, as this was the last chance to qualify for the National Final on 2nd October 2016 in Sheffield. Play started at Bristol with 35 players all eager to get to the top 4 x positions which meant guaranteed qualification.

The first person out was one of the Queens Head in Andover players, Daryl 'Scratch' Sherwood.

The final table of 9 was as follows with Mike Erriington from the Greyhound in Gloucestershire winning the tournament.

9th - Sophie Batchelor from the Queens Head in Andover
8th – Angela Cotton from the Warwick Arms in Bristol
7th – David Jackson from the Queens Head in Andover
6th - David Winslade from the Queens Head in Andover
5th - Adonis Tingzon from the Queens Head in Andover
4th - David Gauntlett from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
3rd - Chris Cotter from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
2nd – Mark Tilling from the Warwick Arms in Bristol
1st – Mike Errington from the Greyhound in Gloucestershire

The top 4 qualified for the National Final on 1st October 2016. Top 5 x shared the cash prizes of £1,125 with Kevin also taking home the CPL crystal trophy.

Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final.

The last set of Quarter Finals for this year was at the Grosvenor Birmingham Casino, but got off to a late start due to the horrendous road works and diversions around the city centre.
Players came in frustrated and that showed in some of the play with many players quickly exiting the competition.
It did eventually settle down after the lunch break which many players commented on as being the best they’d ever had, play resumed with a steady flow of exits, there was nothing too exciting going on and play progressed at a steady pace.
When we got down to the final two tables players were evenly stacked with the exception of John Roberts who had built up a high stack of chips, he continued to dominate the play and on reaching the final table he continued to play well.
John went on to win eventually taking out Lynda Cannon with a King High Flush and thereby winning the game. Our congratulations go to him.
Many players expressed their enjoyment of the day’s game and the atmosphere created by the staff and other players.
We were well looked after and very well fed, thanks to Tio for managing the dayWe now look forward to the National Final at Sheffield

Play got under just after 2pm with 78 players registered for the day's play and we lost our first player just before the first break and the unlucky player to receive a big applause from all the rest of the players and the customary photo to go with it was STEPHEN SMITH.

With a steady flow of players going out after the break we got down to the final table at 8:10pm and with 8 places up for grabs at final in OCTOBER 2016 and 7 places being paid out. There was a quick conversation between the final players at the table and it was decided that each player would sacrifice £5 each from the prize pool and give it to the player who finished in 8th place and the player that ended up receiving this was GILAAD HANAN.

We got to heads up between COLIN GRIFFTHS and SOPHIE MURRAY at 9:20pm and after twenty minutes both players announced the famous words all in and with COLIN showing As, 4h and SOPHIE showing Ad,7d the race was on the flop came down 4c,10d,9h giving COLIN a pair of fours and SOPHIE looking for runner, runner. The turn card was Jc and the river card 8h giving SOPHIE the straight she was looking for and bringing an end to the day's play.
TOP lady of the day was SOPHIE MURRAY

Well done SOPHIE and well done to the rest of the players who managed to qualify for the final next year. Lastly a big thanks to the rest of the players who also turned up. Hope to see you at the next quarter final.

Our first quarter final at the Genting Casino Luton started at 3pm with 55 runners. We lost our first player after 70 minutes, Vanessa Winterburn.
Top lady on the day was Charlotte Stroud finishing in 12th place. At 8pm we were down to the final 10 players all going to the national final as 4 players had already qualified. Play continued until 22.05 before we had our showdown hand between Alan Avison and James. Alan had Queen 9 and James Ace 5. The flop was 10, queen 3, the turn a 2 and river a 5, James winning with a straight. Well done James.

A record number of 45 entrants took part in the last quarter final before the ‘big one’ in Sheffield. With no entrants out before the first break, a tense battle was in process. Surprise early exits wee Paul (Stonewell) Martin, Dave (The Guvnor) Stevens and David (Tiny Tom) Sawyer.
The final table of 8 saw all entrants making Sheffield as 5 x were guaranteed and 3 x had already qualified. Steven Massey finished 8th, Martin Knowles 6th with Anne Pell 5th.
The final four players continued on for another enthralling hour playing for pride and the ‘big money’. Garry Roberts finishing 4th when his A.K lost to A.K. 3rd was Marcus Tye ‘fluking’ a Flush!
The final two slogged it out with the ‘gunslinger’ Scotty Head wiping the floor against ‘teacher’s pet’ Mike Lyons.
Look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield

53 players started the game just after 12 noon, with 10K chips and before we had the first break we had lost 3 players and many had used their 10K add on. We reached the last table around 5.30pm, with players from Llanrwst, St Leger, Queen Hotel and Rose n Bowl. Howard (Llanrwst) was the first to depart closely followed by Gill (Rose), Denis (Rose) and Myra(Rose). Nico (St Leger) was next to go in 5th with Gaz Williams (llanrwst on sparkling form hitting almost every flop. Phil (Llanrwst) was next to crumble in 4th, followed by Andy (Queens hotel) in 3rd. The head to head saw Gareth (Queens Hotel) put up a good fight but as it is with heads up, Gaz's 8c 5c took the final hand. A great days’ poker played in the right spirit all day and well organised by Glenn at the Genting Casino.

The G Casino in Dundee once again played host as 56 players sat down to contest the last Scottish CPL quarterly of the poker year. With 14 of the field already having secured their seat for Sheffield the odds were greatly improved for the players still hoping to bag a place at the 2015-2016 National. Within 6 minutes of play we had the best hand of the day as Dan Myles, The Almondbank Inn, with Ah Jh in his hand saw the board of 6s, Qh, Kh, 5d turn and 10h on the river, give him his first ever Royal Flush. The cards were not so kind to Adrian Pirie from Buchlyvie, however, who was first to sign out with just two others joining him by the first break.

Play had seemed quite tight in the first hour and continued in a similar vein on returning to the tables, but inevitably players started to be methodically knocked out. Eventually we got down to our final table of ten, although 11th place Will Paton was not too disheartened on this occasion as he received a National invite.

With chip stacks ranging from 4000 to 130,000, the finalists sat down secure in the knowledge they had a place at the 2015-2016 National, so thoughts turned to the cash pot and the winner’s trophy. Former champ Robert Turnbull from The Waverley Hotel, Callander was the first to depart followed by Laura Gunning from The Market Arms, Aberdeen and Andy Edwards from The Perth Poker Club. 7th place was the cut off for getting paid and on this occasion the bubble boy was Jan Milne, The East End Bar, Brechin. The remaining standings were:

6th Rab Weir, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
5th Charlotte Reid, Ormond Bar, Perth
4th Gary McWilliams, Perth Poker Club
3rd Richard Blyth, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie

A deal was reached between the top four players regarding the prize pool and with the departure of Gary and Richard we were left with an all Angus final as former champ Allan Fisher, The Cliffburn Hotel, Arbroath went head to head with David D’Ambrosio, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie. David definitely proved the old adage ‘a chip and a chair’ as he had started the final table with less than a big blind in his chip stack, but with the pots swelled substantially with the antes and A7, Pocket Aces and Pocket Jacks all holding up for him his first Quarterly trophy suddenly became within reach.

Both players played an amiable and considered heads up until the inevitable final hand which saw David push with Qh 6s only to run into the monster Kh Kd. A flop of 8h, Jh, 5h changed nothing, but the 10h on the turn did give both players a flush, with the tantalising prospect of a straight flush for David. Would the river be the 9h and give David the Hollywood ending to his comeback? Alas no….Jd on the river meant Allan’s K high flush won and he could triumphantly take home the new style trophy to display alongside his previous one, but I’m sure in his eyes the day was still a win for David given the comeback he had at the final table.

As ever I hope you all enjoyed your day and thanks to Stephen and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism. Congrats to all the National qualifiers – I look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield in October for the craic and perchance a few alcoholic beverages.


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